SATHE 2018 - International Symposium

The 8th edition of SATHE aims to bring together the community of teachers and researchers from the Polytechnic of Coimbra and other national and foreign institutions of HE during three full days of scientific, pedagogical, educational and socio-cultural activities.

The theme chosen for SATHE 2018, “Higher Education: The Club of the Living poets”, celebrates the creative energy of those who produce, communicate and teach science, technology, humanities and the arts; the theme also exults the capacity for renewal, innovation, critical and transformative sense which is common to the best in these professional fields. Finally, the chosen theme reinforces and strengthens the classic vocation of higher education, striving for an ever better society, doing so through educational care, research, collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

The scientific programme will address a variety of issues related to Higher Education, applied research, pedagogical and curricular issues and internationalization to which we invite everyone to participate.

The symposium structure will include a variety of scientific and networking activities such as plenary and simultaneous sessions, panel discussion, several workshops and book launches. SATHE 2018 also offers numerous cultural and networking opportunities through sociocultural activities and art exhibitions.

General tracks:

  • Empowering and revamping H.E. — Stream dedicated to innovation and the changes needed in higher education to deal with the problems associated with internationalization, globalization, technologies, the media and the so-called post-truth era.
  • Society and H.E. — Stream focused on the relationships and synergies between the academic community and the social community, the organizations and the enterprises.
  • Ethics and Morals in H.E. — Stream concerned with issues of intellectual honesty, regulations and behaviour control, and citizenship on campus and in academic life.
  • Quality and Evaluation in H.E. — Stream focused on the procedures and criteria for quality assessment in H.E. from management to research, pedagogy and teaching.
  • SOTL, STEAM and Transformative Teaching in H.E. — Stream dedicated to pedagogical issues, didactics, teaching models and practices and new trends in knowledge production and dissemination, including transdisciplinary strategies, questioning and pedagogical relationships, teaching techniques/practices in and beyond the classroom.